Changes From My Window
                      From my window
I watched as Summer
Gave way to Fall

Thinking perhaps
I would enjoy the leaves
Changing color as winter called
I felt protected from the snow
As from my window
I watched the snowflakes fall

So I was more than ready
When Spring came knocking
On my door once more

And yet, I still couldn’t walk
And run outside and watch
The beautiful sunlit skies I love –

I had to wait
And prayed
I would be ready then
When summer came.

But now Summer is giving way to change again
And from my window
I watch as the leaves begin to heed next season’s call

And I am here
Filled with renewed hope
I will be whole again
WhenWinter calls for me once more
At my front door.

©Mindy Silva 2017

Mindy Silva

How blindly I groped in darkness 
At things that seemed to glitter
For awhile
Only to disappear 
As I came near
Leaving me puzzled 
And disappointed.
The clues were there all along
I paid no mind to them
 I now must walk alone
The lesson's ingrained...
In my bones.
Mindy Silva 2014
We Pray 
Mindy Silva
I searched within the confines of
This strange conformity
Imposed not by self, or spirit, 
But by society. 
The news, the RSS feeds,
The blogs, the entire Internet tree
Does not serve in its delusion
In trying to reason with me. 
And now that what I knew before
And what I'm learning
Day to day
Are working hand in hand
In keeping me wide awake -I pray. 
My faith in God
At odds with the confusion
At the helm,
Disrupts reality...
This earthly one,
Not mine…I’m saved. 
I know in Whom I have believed
And it is not this life of hell
He is the only reality
In my world
And the only one I'm sticking with! 
And so we pray.
Father, in your Divine Mercy
We wait for the shout and the trumpet call
Give the command for our Lord Jesus
To return for us all,
To return for us all!! 
©Mindy Silva 2013
land of my soul

oh, yes, i could tell you about this land-
or i could run in the wind like a pony 
across the smells that waft up from the river 
when the crest comes crashing down the sandy stones;
the stones that gleam in my sun and sparkle crystal slivers.

so lovely so potent so clean.

or i could speak of the great ancient arrows 
that lie about, scattered here; the bones of tiny truths-
signs of times that were, 
like old men and left over chimneys
that smoke in the spirit world, 
curling up about our times in ever widening 
silver tendrils. 

so soft so deep so serene

and how i could still hear the sounds of silent bat wings
that cross this sky in the evening- 
looping and crying for me-
skree, skree, skree.
see the wind! 
touching All and leaving the leafs on the trees
free, free, free.

so Him, so you, so me.

ja 2007 
©Jerialice Arsenault 2007
Louise Hudson 
I was weary and ill at ease...
As my fingers did the walking
Hovering over my iPad keys 
It was a week of unrest,
As unease had settled in,
Confirmation of this pilgrim's path...
Was stamped upon my forehead,
In indelible ink.
Faced with decisions too hard to describe,
No lingering doubts left
That only He is to decide
That it will not be MY decision,
And resting on that fact,
I am settling for that.
Until or unless I am to do otherwise.
Until then...have to get out there
And follow the plan. 
It was like a wrestling match.
And the winner; still the Champ...is...
The Immortal One
Who Knows All the holds,
And am settling for that,
Am settling for that,
This little tempest in a teapot,
Restored and refreshed
Is settling for that. 
Louise of Lancaster 
©LouiseHudson 2013
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