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From John Lysaught:
I was talking (well email talking) with Mindy the other day and gave her a testimony of something that happened to me. She wanted me to relay it to you but I thought of a better one, the one that brought me over to the Lord.
Since I was a child I’ve always felt the presence of the Lord in my life (in retrospect), there helping and protecting and guiding me through life. Well as the years past I never fully committed to the Lord, but believed in heaven and a greater “power” or a god that was responsible for creating everything. Fast forward to about four years ago.  I was having horrible stomach and intestinal pains. Doctors couldn’t figure out what it was and then they did the camera thing; the camera you swallow and it goes through the system and takes pictures on its way through and out to be flushed (LOL).  Anyway, the doctor found suspicious lumps he suspected were tumors, called carcinoid tumors. I was scared. The thought that I may have cancer really scared me and made me think of my mortality. Before this diagnosis, I was always on the fence with the Lord, with one foot in the world and the other hovering over a life with Christ. Well, this cancer diagnosis really decided which side of the fence I was one. I didn’t climb over to God’s side, I jumped and have never looked back! For months the doctors were investigating these tumors and I was praying like crazy, along with others at church, that the tumors disappear.  You know what, they did. They did a PET Scan of me and an endoscopy from both ends and couldn’t find any more lumps. God is good.Since that time I praise the Lord each day for another day.    
Another testimony is recent, back in September: The meds I take for my bipolar, depression, and other things really caused me to gain weight over the past 10years, so much so that my Body Mass Index was 43, making me morbidly obese. I prayed to the lord of what I should do. Exercising and dieting weren’t helping and I was at my wit’s end.  The Lord put it on my heart to ask for one of those stomach surgeries, for me a gastric sleeve, which is similar to the bypass but a newer and safer procedure.  I wrote my doctor at the Veterans Administration and explained that in my records, my BMI was 43 and I asked for the surgery.  What would have taken months of tests, dietary consolations and dieting and other red tape, I got a call a week later from my doctor that I was approved for the surgery.  Wow, a multi-month red tape pain in the butt process was bypassed by the grace of God. So, after some blood tests I was good to go and the first opening for surgery was in November so I took it. I’ve lost 50lbs so far and have about 60more to go.  God is good!  
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