You have been nudged! Nudged by the Spirit of God to listen to His voice operate in your life and the lives of others by being an instrument of His peace, His joy, and His blessings in however way God sees fit! It may come as a surprise. It may come as an answer to a prayer; or just a thought – a lingering one or a passing one. But it will come, or it already has.
Go! Do! Get up! Pray! Read this! Get down! Don’t do this! Don’t go there! Stay here! Turn left! Turn right! In short, you get to recognize this small voice. A person’s name just popped into your head, for no reason at all, yet you know you have to immediately start praying for them. And sometimes, you don’t even get the chance to pray, for the phone rings out of the blue and it just happens to be the same person you just had on your mind, or it might come in the form of an email received at just the same time you were planning to email that person. You have been nudged. “And you shall hear a voice behind you…”
Your will, if it’s standing in the Holy Place where God should be reigning instead of you, will not let you “listen/take action.”  You forfeit the moment and another opportunity to serve God.  “Your ears are stopped, your eyes are blind” and so you don’t recognize when you’ve been nudged.
That’s why some are blessed, while many others are highly blessed. Those highly blessed have learned to demolish and dethrone their will (Ego), letting the Holy Spirit do its mighty work in them. In the natural we really can’t do much spiritually. But when you walk in the Spirit you not only recognize when you are being nudged, you also know to follow through on those nudges.
Our earthly, natural man always wants to step in and conclude that it was only our imagination. A born-again Spirit-filled believer learns very early on to distinguish that voice from all others. We have learned to walk by faith, not by what we have in front of us. We listen to our Master’s voice. Not our inner voice, which amounts to intuition. This gift only comes from God. When you are nudged, the path to your spirit heart is clear. It has been swept clean of all and any debris consisting of the things of this world. Those things that were piled up and shoveled onto your path over time were there so that you would not be able to tell the difference of the “what’s what" around you.  It kept your focus away from God until that small still voice kept getting weaker and weaker until hardly recognizable anymore.
It’s inevitable. God sent you down to earth to be born into an earthly body. You were given life, a gift from God. You  learned the difference between your spirit man and your human nature. The only equipment you were given were the weapons of our warfare, which you didn’t know you had until you were born-again, recreated. Relying on your carnal nature won’t ever let you develop your spiritual one. And so, before being born-again, recreated, we are lost. That’s why Jesus came to save the ones who are (got) lost. In taking everything back that belonged to Him (us), it took His having to come down here Himself and do it. And it worked. We are saved! Glory to God!
We are also His sheep. As born-again Believers, we know His voice. And His voice can be heard when you open your Bible; when you hear the Word preached; when you read something another brother or sister in Christ wrote; when you watch/hear someone speak. It is heard when you pray; when you meditate on His word; when you see a “sign” – something that speaks particularly to you on a personal level concerning something you have before Him in prayer, or something for your spiritual growth (maturity), or just something that will surprise you and make your heart and spirit soar!
©Mindy Silva 2013
While living, and working in Oregon for the Bureau of Land Management, I applied twice for a job at the Virgin Islands. (There is another story involved here too, but not now for the telling.) The first time, it was at a lower pay but, like every other place I’ve been to, I had been shown in a dream (nudged) that I was headed in that direction. Then Hurricane Marilyn hit and practically destroyed the islands – when I heard, I got down on my knees, thanking the Lord He had not taken me there!
Yet, the dreams persisted. The same job opened up about two years later – at a higher pay – and I applied. I had now transferred to a new job in Pennsylvania and had been there for two years when the position in the Virgin Islands opened up again. I took the job under those conditions, that as soon as it opened up, I would apply for it. Waiting to hear whether I had been selected for the job was torture. It was close to Thanksgiving and before I headed out to my son’s house in the opposite side of Pennsylvania, I was on my bed asking the Lord Him if I was going to get the job. All of a sudden, I was nudged to look up and to the left. There was a tiny window  in my bedroom up close near the ceiling, which I never looked out of because of its height, and I was surprised (shocked?) as I beheld this beautiful shining vertical rainbow hanging up in the sky!. Now, I don’t know about you, but vertical rainbows don’t happen too often! For me, it was the first time I had ever seen one, yet I didn’t run out and start asking anybody anything about vertical rainbows, no. I accepted it for what it was, a confirmation; an answer to my question. God answered me back!
©Mindy Silva 2013 
After a few years of being in the job I had appliied to in the Virgin Islands, I experienced some persecution at my job (which I am including in my forthcoming book; THE TABLE BEFORE ME). It got bad, so bad that the very place I had longed for to be was the very place I could no longer remain in. Then one day, walking back to my car in downtown Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas, I was praying and asking the Lord to speak to me, to make a way for me. Just as I crossed the street to the parking lot, I was nudged to lift up my head and look to the left of me. There, parked in a small driveway, was an SUV with a big spare tire on its back and on its tire cover, were the words: GOD WILL MAKE A WAY.
©Mindy Silva 2013  
In September 2011, I had one of my co-workers over and after finishing lunch, I felt I had to get up and look out my back deck. I love to look at the sky, especially when it’s nice and sunny. So, here I am standing there staring out the glass pane of my back door and all of a sudden I see these clouds taking shape right before my eyes. The outcome? A door. A huge, humongous door, with a doorknob, was right up there in the sky facing me!
I called my friend over and we both stood there with our jaws hanging as we could not believe what we were seeing. The door stayed in the same spot for about ten minutes or so. It didn’t move.  My friend asked what it meant. I replied that it meant good things for each of us (since we both saw it!) Well, my coworker friend who had been looking for an apartment, found the perfect place to live in. I had had three things on my prayer list and He replied to each and every one of them - all answered at practically the same time too!
The first week in January 2010, my subordinate, who became a highly esteemed friend, left abruptly because of serious illness. Left with a load and a burden to carry on her responsibilities as well as mine (business as usual) without any help, I knew the confidentiality issues involved of an HR office did not provide many options to stick just any clerical help in there for the meantime.
“Meantime” came and went and nothing changed, except my health. I was experiencing burn out, but I didn’t know it. Having health issues of my own to deal with, all I knew was to keep praying, asking God to help me. And that He did, in a way I never would have imagined! But that is how He operates – suddenly and unexpectedly so that we don’t outguess Him. I had been nudged to set up my own business in the middle of all this turmoil. Not knowing how crucial following that nudge was to be, I obeyed. One month after retiring, in November 2012, I had my book published! Yes, He nudges us to do things that though we may not know the why, we obey because we know the Whom.
©Mindy Silva 2013 
THE NET PART: One day, not too long ago, as I was driving home I was talking to the Lord about my website and the domain names I had chosen. The only one I couldn’t get was .com, so I went for .net, .org, and .co. I asked Him why .net? And immediately I heard His voice telling me because that is exactly what it is, a net. Then the verse of making us fishers of men followed, and I laughed with joy thanking Him and praising Him, for since He makes us fishers of men, what better name to associate it with than .net? (The fact that the web is a net is no coincidence!)
THE BURUNDANGA PART: Something similar happened with the “burundanga” part of it. I had no idea what it meant before I got my domain name. I knew it was a Spanish word and for the previous two years prior to my getting my domain name, that’s the only name that would come to mind when I thought (being nudged) of setting up my own website. Well, after I set it up, I did a search and was I surprised! I ended up right smack in the middle of something that I had no idea existed. (Do a search for the word so you’ll see what I mean!) But, move forward I did because I knew it was no mistake or coincidence that I should end up with a domain name like “Burundanga.”
©Mindy Silva 2013
When I strongly felt the Lord wanting me to open a site, I felt like it would be an impossible task. I am not a technical person at all; I'm more of a "furniture builder" with a huge wood shop in my back yard. But the nudging of my heart continued.
I began with a template and it began to be, for me, a really good thing. I am not a good writer though, so often my wife will help me, as she worked 25 years for a local newspaper. Since we are finished with the raising of our four children (three now living in Dallas, and one in Virginia who is about to have a new baby), we have focused on maintaining this site in the service of our Lord.
I have a couple of series on "Tom's Page," one concerning our longevity in Christ; and the other is titled "The Pre-Trib Rapture As Taught In Revelation" (I feel like God led me to write that series - another nudge?).
For the MOST part, I feel that the things God hands me to do are not really "my works" as much as it is HIS work.
Tom Stephens
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