This page is dedicated to our mission in life. (Contributions are gladly accepted. ) Here is mine:
My Mission
To be myself
To not let the fear of the past overtake me
To use it as a stepping stone
To enlighten others
On what it is to have faith
To teach, to guide
To gently encourage and motivate
Towards goodness and goodwill
To point others in the right direction
By looking inward first
And acknowledging experiences
As building blocks of faith
In trusting in the Lord
To demonstrate love, personal love
To tell the difference between friend or foe
And look past the pain,
And love them anyway,
For I am me in them - all over again
To help through doubts, the fears felt at the moment, the pain of ill health, of disappointment, of feeling or being unloved, unwanted, shunned, neglected, uncared for – and bring it out in what I write on the page, in what I say with my mouth, and what I do with my heart. To reach out in joy, laughter or sadness, to provide where there is lack, to share and divide the pain or gladness, because I am revisiting a place I have lived in many times before.
©Mindy Silva 2013
My Personal Mission Statement
To walk continually in His Spirit while on earth; to repent quickly when I first realize I have sinned; to consider others’ needs and cares before I consider my own; to remember to be in prayer for those close to my heart, especially when they are hurting, or otherwise traumatized in any way whether it be emotional, spiritual, or physical. I commit myself to serving, loving and uplifting the mate God gave me and to help her to realize the love of God that has made us “one.” I accept and honor all Christians as my brother and sister-in-Christ. My main goal is to bring forth fruits unto the Lord and to seek His face daily as I await His return for His own Church.
Tom Stephens
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