Faith, Seeing the Kingdom
From Here
Mindy Silva
Yes, seeing the Kingdom now! From here. (The Kingdom of God, not the Kingdoms of this world.) Believing in that beautiful City, in what He has prepared for us, is an act of faith.
But, believing that the Kingdom of God is at hand, here, that it is already in you, around you, is a different story. It is hard to grasp the reality of its existence, so not many do. 
When you are born-again, you enter the Kingdom. And it enters you. It is inside you, all around you. You become a part of it and it becomes a part of you. Wherever you go, wherever you are, the Kingdom is there. All the power needed to live in that Kingdom has been given to you to live in, now. And you start seeing the Kingdom at work in the world you inhabit. How? 
You have been given Power. Power over all the enemy. You have been given the weapons of your warfare. You have been given the Holy Spirit who guides you, comforts you, and talks to you. 
You have been set free from everything in your life that ties and binds others who still walk in darkness. (We can pray for them to be set free from that darkness, but we cannot make them free.) 
You have also been given a spirit of discernment. You have been given a spirit of love, and a sound mind, a clear mind, a mind set on the things of God and of that Kingdom, instead of the things of this world, a mind where there is no confusing evil for good, or good for evil 
You have an internal and external alarm system. You have been given the power over food, water, the animal kingdom, anything that you were told to have dominion over, anything that threatens to harm you. For you have power over all evil. 
All in the Name of Jesus.
So, use it. 
Use it to do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Use it to control whatever is in your way to obtaining your victory in Christ Jesus. Use it to move mountains. Use it to destroy anything and everything that attacks that Kingdom within you. 
We are not to get wrapped up in the affairs of this world, for we are called to live peaceful lives and mind our own business. What is going on around us is not our fight. Our fight is against spiritual forces of darkness in heavenly places, not earthly ones. He told us what was going to take place right before His coming for us, so let’s not act like we are surprised at all these things, for that has nothing to do with the Kingdom. We are to advance the Kingdom, not by our might, but by His power. There is nothing happening today that was not meant to happen. God is in control, not us. Our job is to go about our Father’s business- His Kingdom. That’s why before Jesus left He told us He was giving us power over ALL the enemy. 
That is awesome! Many of us walk around looking, thinking, and acting defeated. The power Jesus left us with is not being exercised. Faith in the Kingdom is not being put to use. 
Keep in mind that it is not about the size of your faith; it’s the use of whatever the size of your faith might be. A little faith is compared in Scripture to the size of a mustard seed, yet, that little mustard seed of faith can move mountains. 
Lack is beaten by our faith in our Provider. Defeat is overcome because He holds victory in store for the upright (us). He is a shield to those whose walk is blameless (us, I hope!). (Yes, it’s in our Bible, at least the Bible I know, not the ones with the diluted message in circulation today! Today, almost every evangelist has to have a Bible written. The one we had was not good enough apparently.) 
We know that a shield is needed wherever protection is needed. It protects, covers. It is immunity, a weapon to use when in battle against any dart of the enemy aimed at our destruction. 
There are so many promises in His Word that many, for lack of looking, and believing, are not appropriating. 
But, you have the credentials. 
You were given power to appropriate all of them, now. Not for after, when we reach Heaven, but for now. Where you are, in whatever circumstance you find yourself, you are not helpless. You are a member of His Body, a new breed of creature who has been given full power and control while occupying this earth. All in His Name. To conquer the enemy, to be victorious, IN THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING NOW. 
This sounds mighty bold, but the gates of Heaven are stormed by force, power. Not by the weakling. How can we be weak when we have been equipped to defeat hell? 
Go, therefore, He said, and make disciples of men, of all the nations. We make disciples by telling them what they are already entitled to, and how to live in the Kingdom now, for His glory, not ours. For His is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever! Amen! 
So, let’s get this Body strengthened, edified, invigorated, and enthused with the power given to us. Not to fight for the world, and its ways, or political affiliations and injustices, but to fight against the wiles of the wicked one, against powers and principalities in spiritual places that threaten to destroy the foundation of the Kingdom -  the Body of Christ. 
And just as a reminder, we are in a battle. The whole world is. A battle for those who are the called, to remain called. For those who are the chosen, to remain chosen. Called, chosen... not helpless. 
The Word of the Lord produces what we are lacking in our spirit. We have to believe that our trials and tribulations while on this earth are not going to defeat us. We have to see the Kingdom now. 
And when I say “us” keep in mind that I mean you, me, he, she, and no it. 
In Jesus’ Name,
©Mindy Silva 2013
Mindy Silva 
Many of us have experienced the anxiety and the resignation involved in our flight being delayed. A delayed departure at the airport means we have to wait.
We are all familiar then with the heightened sense of hearing we develop in this type of situation. The waiting becomes unbearable while we get yet another cup of coffee, use the restroom again (and again), and re-read a magazine or a newspaper - though most of us have gotten smarter and read a paperback instead! 
We pace, look out the glass walls, drive ourselves crazy and everyone else around us drives us crazy too, for they too are feeling the same anxiety we are. At the ready, the anticipation experienced in waiting to hear the announcement: Flight XXX to XX is now ready to board, fills us with a sense of immediacy. What a relief that always brings when we do hear it! You wouldn’t have missed that announcement for the world. 
We start to form a line but the Flight Attendants have a plan on how boarding is to take place, and in what sequence. The knowing you are ready for your flight is very different than the flight being ready for you to board it. 
There are many things that could have been involved in the plane’s delay, but whether delayed or not, your bags are already checked, and with your boarding pass in your hands, you will depart. You are sure of that. 
The anxiety experienced then is not whether or not you will depart, it’s the waiting involved in your departure. 
You see, you are ready. But your flight is not. You are ready, but you have no control over your flight when it will be. You are a passenger on that expected flight, before even boarding it, that you do know. But, you are not the captain of the plane. You have no control, other than to sharpen your hearing, have your boarding pass at hand, and…wait for the announcement. 
And so…we wait, dear brethren…at the ready. 
©Mindy Silva 2013
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