About Us
We are not associated or affiliated in any way, shape or form, with any other entity, music group, individual, songs, videos, drugs, paraphernalia bearing the name of Burundanga, in whatever format or language it exists or existed. This is a spiritual endeavor, not a religious one.  Nor is there any association with any church group or idea, or church movement. 
Politics - As of 2016 I have changed my mind about the area of politics. And therefore you may find political issues as they relate to our spirituality.
It is about seeking after truth.  About nourishing our souls, our hearts and our minds with the love and spirit of God.  We are not offering answers, we are seeking them together, with the focus remaining a Christ-centered one. The born-again Christian can be a church going Christian, but he/she can also be found in many different environments.  This is one of them. Our team is committed to meeting those needs.
I became a born-again Christian in 1991.  I have traveled across the United States and have lived and worked in a few states, as well as in the Virgin Islands, and Colombia S.A.  My experience and background is very diversified, most of it in Human Resources providing advisory services.  I am an independent researcher on many subjects, especially the mind-soul connection.  My love of books, and the knowledge gained from them has led me to life-long addiction to reading.  I do book reviews, and have written many short stories, articles and commentaries along the way.  I have a few ongoing works-in-progress, and poetry books I will soon be publishing.  I study scripture, languages (I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English), and people - what makes us tick.
NOTE: I have just published my Devotional, "Freedom Now I Know Why Angels Fly." It is available for purchase as an ebook and as a printed copy - see BOOK OFFERS. The book "The Table Before Me"  details the story the Devotional is based on - it is soon to follow.
My philosophy is based on the word of God.  Loving everyone as He wants us to love.  We may not like those we love, but we are instructed to love them.  It is a free gift given to us by God, and it is one we have to be gracious to give to others.  This is a concept not readily understood by many, one I will write about on this site.  Tactless people come in all denominations. So if someone tells you this to your face, you can be sure that the Spirit of God is not in him.  That is not the Christian way. When I say like, I am not associating it in any way with hate or dislike. 
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you a service unique to the body of Christ. With your help we can make it so.
Mindy Silva
2517 Route 44, #11 #237
Salt Point, NY 12578
Phone/Fax:  1-888-627-3087
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